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BMW Pushes Weirdly Hostile Marketing Campaign to Say You’re Dumb For Thinking the iX Is Ugly

TWEET THROUGH IT, BMW! Because that always works! </sarcasm>

I get it: Defending BMW is their job, and I don’t envy that one right now. I also chuckled at a couple of these replies, like claiming that the grille was just “more to love.” Goodness knows, I’ve spent plenty of times sticking up for places I’ve written for online, too, but I also don’t write off those critics as stuck in the past or wrong, either. 

This whole campaign also repeatedly misses the point that a lot of critics have about their latest cars when it frames some of the “not a BMW”-type comments around electrification. It’s not the electrification that’s the issue for a lot of t3H HaTeRzZz. There will always be EV haters out there, but for the rest of us, the technical specs of a 500-horsepower all-electric SUV with a 300-mile range are damn impressive. The big beef that electric and internal combustion fans can both share a pretzel over—and what many of these ads’ comments probably refer to—is that BMW’s new cars aren’t pretty.

New chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk completely ignored many of BMW’s classic design cues when he designed 3 and 4 series cars that look depressingly generic beyond the silly bucktooth grille. The iX continues those mistakes, dropping the uniquely BMW whimsy of the i3 and i8 for an SUV that looks like a cross between a Lexus RX and a rodent of unusual size. 

Fortunately, BMW is a little clearer when responding to design-specific questions on its landing page for the iX, even telling us, “We don’t wish to shut down your criticism. Instead we want to meet you in dialogue. That’s how we achieve a new level of transparency. Together.”

Yet the same page also makes it clear that the problem must be us, leading off with: 

You will always have plenty of reasons to change.

But the truth is: It’s always easier to find a reason not to. It might not be the best time for you right now, or perhaps you find yourself in the wrong place. You might think that technology still hasn’t reached its peak, or that the design looks strange.

So, are you listening or not, BMW? I’m sure I can find some recs for couples’ counseling if we’re just going to be in this weird impasse forever. After all, your motorcycle side just showed that you can design a futuristic electric vehicle that’s actually gorgeous.

At least they’re not horny on main for catgirls, I guess, but the biggest problem really isn’t the dead memes or the sort-of-anonymized quotes. It’s the dismissive attitude. Like Mazda telling its long-running Mazdaspeed fans that their favorite Mazdas are “childish,” it’s never a good idea to anger your fans. They’re the ones who’ll go to bat for you, recommend your cars and continue to promote your brand for free based on past positive experiences. They deserve to be taken seriously when so many of them aren’t on board with your current direction. 

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