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BMW M Performance Accessories for 2021 BMW 5-Series

The list of possible modifications is extensive, too. If it’s just the performance look you’re after, you can spec more than a dozen M Performance parts just to the exterior to your humble little 530i. A carbon front splitter, an M Performance grille (available in either carbon or gloss black), and a carbon trunklid spoiler are just some of the exterior goodies on offer.

If you guessed that there are a host of options for the interior of the 5-Series as well, you’d be right. BMW will sell you an M Performance steering wheel that can be trimmed in either leather or Alcantara, some carbon shift paddles, M Performance pedals finished in stainless steel, and an M Performance floor mat. We’re not sure that last one will have a profound effect on your driving experience, but hey, it’s an option.

What will have an effect on the way the car drive’s is the last set of upgrades on offer here. If you want go-fast bits that might actually make you faster, you can spec the 15-inch, drilled front brakes and the 20-inch M Performance wheels. There are also some options exclusive to the high performance M5. You can get the “pro” performance steering wheel that has shift lights and a gear indicator on it, an M Performance sport suspension setup, M5-specific brake pads, and an M5-exclusive set of 20-inch forged Y-spoke wheels which, admittedly, do look pretty sweet.

BMW didn’t say how much these parts are going to cost, but it’s safe to assume all that carbon doesn’t come cheap. Even so, if the normal 5-Series is a little too restrained for your tastes, they might be worth the extra cash.

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