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Bet You’ve Never Seen a RWD Acura Integra With a VW VR6 in the Trunk

Engine swaps aren’t always easy, but if you’re lucky, maybe the motor fits with just some custom mounts, and the shifter lines up just right. Needless to say, nothing lines up when you’re putting a Volkswagen VR6 into the trunk of an Acura Integra. In this case, not only are the car and engine completely incompatible, but the Acura Integra was never rear-wheel-drive. That’s only the beginning when it comes to custom fabrication on this project, though.

That presents a few problems that need to be solved if you want to weld together a vehicle like this, but they’re problems that this car’s builder, Daniel Shimp, solved. His Integra “Type VR” is a mashup that, if you took a look Shimp’s Instagram, would make you say, “Oh, that’s just Daniel, doing another Honda-Volkswagen mashup!” Not only has Shimp put together this odd combination of German and Japanese parts, but he’s also swapped a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder from a Volkswagen Jetta into a Honda Civic, repainting the car to look like one of the classic “Harlequin” Volkswagens. But let’s talk more about this Integra.

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