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Behold This Time Capsule of Single-Owner, Practically New ’80s Supercars

If presented with a tremendous sum of money, the average person would buy a slew of supercars and a big garage to park them in. What follows is typically a bunch of loud noises and the occasional scratch or fender bender as these cars get driven through the years. It’s no crime to use supercars for their intended purpose, but occasionally, we’re thankful some people didn’t, as is the case with the recently unveiled “Time Capsule Collection.”

Recently purchased by a company called “Curated,” this small collection of spotless supercars consists of five truly impressive vehicles, none of which have more than 4,000 miles in the odometer.

The lowest mileage example, a special-edition Lotus Espirit X180R, has just 499 miles. The other cars in the collection are equally impressive: a 1,200-mile Lamborghini LM002, a 3,200-mile Lamborghini Jalpa, a 2,668-mile Lamborghini Countach, and a Mercedes-Benz SEC 6.0 AMG built before AMG was actually a part of Mercedes, making it extra valuable. Curated does not specify the mileage on the AMG, however.

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