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A 470-HP V8 Off-Roader With a Dual-Purpose Hood Scoop

The four-door-only Wrangler Rubicon 392’s approach/breakover/departure angles measure 44.5, 22.6 and 37.5 degrees, respectively. For comparison’s sake, a new Ford Bronco without the Sasquatch Package makes do with 35.5, 20.0, and 29.7. Fit those 35-inch tires, though, and the Bronco swings a 43.2, 26.3, and 37-degree triple slash. 

While the V8 Wrangler’s 10.3 inches of ground clearance falls short of the top-spec Ford Bronco’s 11.6 inches, most of that can be attributed to its smaller tires. The same can be said for its water fording, with the Wrangler Rubicon 392’s rating marked as 32.5 inches compared to the Sasquatch-equipped Bronco’s 33.5. It’s a wonder why Jeep didn’t spring for 35-inch tires here like Ford, though the automaker did develop one party piece the Blue Oval doesn’t have—a fully functional, exceptionally innovative hood scoop.

This tri-level intake system makes use of a secondary air path that allows the Wrangler’s almighty engine to run at full capacity, even with the primary source blocked completely by dirt, sand or snow. Likewise, the Hydro-Guide air intake funnels 15 gallons of water per minute away from the 6.4-liter, meaning you can wade through a crossing without worries of damaging that raucous Hemi.

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